Introduction of Seoul Art Space_SeoGyo
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A center for experimental arts that enables artists to network and share their cultural spirit with the local community


Seoul Art Space_Seogyo, the Seoul Art Space organized by Seoul City and operated by Seoul Culture Foundation, is the representative culture art apace opened by remodeling Seogyo dong office in June, 2009.

We aim to be a network center connecting local cultural art ecosystem and creating new cultural contents as a medium in Hongdae area Also, we'd like to function as a systematic, stable platform for developing young artists by organizing various aids for potential young artists.

Mission and Vision

Seoul Art Space_ Seogyo Mission
To perform as the revealed base of the variety and creativity of the local cultural ecosystem Hongdae area.
Seoul Art Space_ Seogyo Vision
The center of creating cultural contents and distribution network

Direction of operation

  • · The creative agit supporting various culture creating activities in Hongdae area
    • - To encourage to create new cultural contents by connecting various cultural sources Hongdae area.
        and supporting planning activities
    • - To support the excellent cultural art activities in the area and enforce linked businesses with local art groups.
  • · Systematic and stable platform for developing new artists
    • - To design a suitable developing support system for cultivating and improving the potential of young artists.
    • - To operate complex support project combined physical support(support fund) and content support(incubating)
    • - To provide one-stop service of requirements for developing artists such as production cost, incubating program,
        and exhibition.
  • · Open culture space for citizens to enjoy and engage in cultural contents
    • - Always to provide cultural art information of Hongdae area through comfortable archiving cafe
    • - To extend the citizens' culture share chances with regular program such as learning instrument or carpentry
    • - To increase a range of the citizens' cultural art activities by variously developing feature grogram(rooftop theater)

Major programs

  • · The supporting project for culture sources in Hongdae area
    • - The supporting project to vitalize the local culture by supporting planning activities and various cultural contents medium in Hongdae area.
  • · The supporting project for emerging artists
    • - The developing project for emerging artists supporting potential cultivation of newly hatched artists through systematic developing support system which provide one-stop service of various programs(support fund, incubating program, exhibition) required for training artists
  • · The cooperating project for local art groups
    • - The supporting project for performance about excellent plan program in the area or for co-development of new cultural contents by cooperating with the local cultural art groups
  • · The programs for citizens
    • - To operate various programs for citizens such as rooftop workshop 〈Seogyo sky workshop〉, ukulele lecture 〈Ukulele date with Mr. Hazzi〉, and rooftop theater 〈Tent all night〉


January, 2008 - Seogyodong and Donggyodong office integration and relocation
April, 2008 - utilization plan establishment of Seogyodong office
December, 2008 - remodeling construction order and start of Seoul Art Space_ Seogyo
April, 2009 - completion of Seoul Art Space_Seogyo
June, 2009 - Seoul Art Space_Seogyo open
June ~ August, 2010 - citizen program 〈Seogyo sky workshop>
June ~ December, 2010 - regular contest business of Seoul Art Space_Seogyo
October, 2010 - Seoul Art Space_Seogyo 〈see again Hongdae area>
April ~ November, 2011 - citizen program 〈Seogyo sky workshop>
March ~ December, 2011 - regular contest project of Seoul Art Space_Seogyo
October, 2011 - Seoul Art Space_Seogyo 〈see again Hongdae area>
March ~ , 2012 - citizen program 〈Seogyo sky workshop>,〈Ukulele date with Mr. Hazzi>
April ~ , 2012 - cultural sources project Hongdae area of Seoul Art Space_Seogyo
May ~ , 2012 - cooperating project with the local art groups
June ~ , 2012 - The supporting project for emerging artist with NArT
〈boiling imagination : 99℃ Artist>